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Pennsylvania is no different than any other state when it comes to chemical dependency, substance abuse and problem drinking. Alcohol is the most frequently used substance by adults and young adults, especially when it comes to binge drinking. Young adults show higher rates of binge drinking compared to older adults though. There are a large number of admissions for adult alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania due to the serious consequences brought on by alcohol use.

The use of tobacco affects many people in Pennsylvania, the rates among adults is very high. When it comes to the use of illegal drugs, there is substantial use among the youth and adults. A variety of drugs are abused in Pennsylvania which include heroin, cocaine and marijuana. There are a wide variety of substance abuse treatment services available in Pennsylvania for adults and young people to help them overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol but unfortunately not everyone gets the treatment they need.

Preventing substance abuse and treating the disease of addiction is extremely important and Pennsylvania works diligently when it comes to prevention and providing a wide range of comprehensive treatment services for individuals in need of help. The Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs in Pennsylvania is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive health, education, and rehabilitation program for the prevention, intervention, treatment and case management of substance abuse, substance dependence and gambling addiction.

  • Pennsylvania Cocaine and Crack Addiction

    Cocaine and Crack Cocaine are both easy to come by in Pennsylvania. Crack cocaine is a problem in many neighborhoods crossing economic and ethnic lines. This is very unfortunate because crack cocaine is very addictive and very powerful. Many people prefer smoking crack cocaine because they receive a euphoria very fast not realizing that this stimulant drug causes very serious mental and physical health problems as well as addiction. Cocaine and crack cocaine are Schedule II drugs because there is a high potential for abuse and they're very addictive. People just don't realize that when they use cocaine to get high they are risking psychological or physical dependence.

  • Heroin Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

    Heroin is another drug that's very easy to come by in Pennsylvania and is widely available. Heroin gets into Pennsylvania from New York City and is also smuggled into Philadelphia from Columbia and the transshipment points include Mexico, Aruba, and other Caribbean locations.

    Heroin is another very addictive drug that comes from opium that creates a high very fast when abused. Heroin is used throughout the United States and is injected, snorted or smoked. There are many serious risks involved with using heroin especially for chronic heroin users because the drug affects your heart lining, heart valves, liver and kidneys. Other risks include breathing problems, convulsions, coma, overdose and death. Many people have used heroin not knowing that it was mixed with other toxic substances like strychnine and lost their life.

  • Methamphetamine Abuse & Rehab in PA

    Methamphetamine Addiction is also a problem in Pennsylvania especially in the Philadelphia area. Meth can be found at retail and wholesale levels in Pennsylvania but overall, the availability appears to be decreasing. The reason for the availability of meth to be decreasing in Pennsylvania is due to law enforcement dismantling the illegal clandestine labs that produce the man-made drug.

    Meth is very addictive and is associated with many serious health problems which include severe dental problems, violent behavior, paranoia, and anxiety. Chronic use of meth causes the individual to experience the sensation of bugs crawling under their skin. These sensations are so troublesome the meth user compulsively scratches and eventually creates sores and scars on their bodies. The transmission of AIDS and other blood borne diseases are another serious risk when injecting drugs like meth or heroin when using dirty needles.

  • Pennsylvania Marijuana Addiction Help

    Marijuana is a common drug of abuse in Pennsylvania as it is in most areas of the United States. Much has been learned about marijuana and the effects THC (which is a harmful chemical) has on the brain. Most people smoke marijuana and the chemical THC passes through the lungs and then directly into the bloodstream which carries the THC to the brain. Marijuana users experience a high due to the influence THC has on the area of the brain that's responsible for pleasure. Smoking marijuana also affects a person's memory, thinking, concentration, perception of sensory and time, and movement coordination.

    Synthetic marijuana is available in Pennsylvania and very dangerous. Synthetic marijuana is man-made and the drug found in Pennsylvania is very potent as well. The problem is the fact that people don't realize just how potent this form of marijuana is and unfortunately it's legal. This is fake marijuana that's sold as herbal incense and can be found with names like K2, Spice, Genie and Wicked. There are states that synthetic marijuana is banned in but unfortunately it's legal in Pennsylvania.

  • Pennsylvania Ecstasy Abuse and Club Drugs

    Club Drugs are easily found in Pennsylvania also and are used during raves, parties and in nightclubs. College students and high school students are the ones that primarily use club drugs and are a problem for Pennsylvania's law enforcement. There are several different drugs that fall under the category "club drugs" but they are amphetamine based hallucinogenic type drugs that are taken orally. Drugs that fall into this category include Ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, LSD, ketamine, GHB, and Rohypnol among others.

Pennsylvania takes substance abuse very seriously and realizes just how important drug and alcohol prevention is. Their Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs works hard to increase awareness and education associated with substance use and addiction and the risk factors associated with them. Gambling addiction is also a concern in Pennsylvania because it destroys the problem gambler and their families. Treatment for compulsive gambling is also taken very seriously in Pennsylvania and prevention and education continues to be a priority for the citizens of their state.

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