Brookside Alcoholism Recovery Center

(484) 846-6263 or 1-888-565-6401

314 West Emmaus Avenue Suite 400

Lehigh County - Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103

We provide outpatient alcohol treatment for men and women who are in need of help but are unable to enter into a residential program. Clients who enter our outpatient alcohol rehab program are able to stay in their homes, continue to work, and are serious about remaining sober and managing their sobriety. Individual screenings are done with our clients to make sure they're suitable for outpatient alcohol treatment. Individuals with more severe alcohol dependency may do better in an inpatient setting.

We help our clients with their detoxification and help them manage withdrawal symptoms when necessary. Not everyone goes through physical withdrawal; it just depends on the person and the severity of their drinking problem. Our client's mental and physical health is a priority to us and we see to it that each client's needs are fully met.

Our treatment programs are worked around our client's schedules and include daily 12 Step Meetings, Individual Therapy, and Stress Management Counseling. Attending 12 Step Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous is highly recommended to our client's after the completion of their outpatient alcohol rehabilitation program.

You too can reach and maintain sobriety with dedication, determination, group support and help from our dedicated staff.

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