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With the state of our economy today many people are finding themselves looking for ways to escape, feel better, and for some people, socialize. Many people who have never formed addictions in their life are finding themselves addicted to gambling and are suffering now from this impulse disorder.

Many adult men, women and young adults are spending more and more time in casinos or online compulsively gambling and are unable to stop on their own. A lot of problem gamblers don't even realize they're totally out of control until they begin to lose everything and others try to hide their gambling behavior and deny they have a gambling problem.

Our therapists work with problem compulsive gamblers offering them support and knowledge along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helping them recognize their destructive and unhealthy behaviors and focus on changing them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps the problem gambler change their negative and destructive thinking and develop helpful skills to manage their urge to gamble. This is extremely important because stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the emotional triggers that cause many people to continue their compulsive gambling behavior or to relapse.

We can help you to overcome your compulsive urge to gamble and manage your addictive gambling behavior with our comprehensive therapy, dedicated staff and support.

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