Little River Gamblers Anonymous Support Group

(724) 498-0421 or 1-888-565-6401

4106 Saint Thomas Drive Suite 1

Allegheny County - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044

We are a group of men and women who share the same illness, problem compulsive gambling. We also share the same desire to stop gambling and come together to help and support each other to maintain our gambling sobriety and live our lives one day at a time free from this compulsive behavior.

Our gamblers anonymous support group is very successful helping people who are powerless over gambling when they have the desire to stop, work the 12 step program, and attend meetings.

Our members understand the despair and humiliation that's associated with compulsive gambling because we have all been there and we realize we have to work on this illness every day. With our 12 step program and the support of others you too can find sobriety from gambling addiction and live a happy fulfilled life.

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