Prescott Sex Addiction Counseling Center

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Most people either don't want to talk about their sex addiction or don't even realize they have a problem until their lives become torn apart or their relationships fall apart. When a person's life becomes unmanageable and they're powerless over behaviors like obsessions with sex or constant use of pornography their addiction and addictive behaviors can destroy their life.

Many people suffering with sex addiction have continuous affairs, compulsively scan the internet looking for porn, engage in unsafe sex, and other risky sexual behaviors. Not everyone addicted to sex goes to the same extremes but they are all powerless when it comes to sex and are unable to control their thoughts and behaviors.

Our staff consists of Psychotherapists who can help people with their sexually compulsive behaviors. We offer intensive counseling and behavioral therapy to help our clients work through problems; develop healthy thinking and behavior and the skills to manage their recovery.

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