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The term inhalant relates to chemical vapors that are breathable by individuals who choose to inhale or huff the vapors in order to experience the effects of the mind-altering substance. Many people have experimented with this form of substance use and have found themselves dependent on them and are unable to stop. Intoxication from inhalant use not only affects the individual mentally and psychologically but physically as well.

There are many different kinds of chemicals people use when huffing or breathing in the vapors to get high which include correction fluids, cooking sprays, gasoline, glues, felt tip markers, electronic contact cleaners, and computer cleaning products.

Many young people use inhalants as well as young and older adults. At Willow Ridge, we have been treating adult men and women as well as young people for inhalant use and inhalant dependence for many years. Our team of psychiatrists and therapists has years of experience dealing with inhalant addiction working closely with our clients making sure they receive the right medical care if needed, intensive one on one therapy, and the skills and knowledge needed to manage their addiction and recover from this dangerous addiction.

Some people are in need of a more intense form of treatment for their inhalant addiction and we can provide our clients with Intensive Residential Treatment and care or Intensive Outpatient Treatment and care. At Willow Ridge, we are very passionate about helping people addicted to inhalants and are dedicated to our client's needs.

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